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Renting vs Buying House
Long term review on Renting and Buying a Home

A 35 year review on the expenses and the advantages and/or disadvantages of buying or renting a home.

Medical Tax Savings
Turning medical expenses into a business expense in Canada

How to turn medical expenses into a business expense using a PHSP for the self-employed in Canada.

Mutual Funds vs ETFs
The Long term Costs of Picking Mutual Funds over ETFs

Learn about the true long term costs of mutual funds over low fee exchange traded funds.  Your balance can be as much as 48% lower after thirty years!

Smoke Freedom Day
Smoking at Work or Working to Smoke? How long you must work to earn a Smoke.

How many minutes, hours and days it costs to smoke a cigarette or a pack daily and annually.

Daily Savings for a Down Payment
Canadian real estate in CDN and USD over the past five years

Find out why non-residents can afford Canadian real estate so easily, while it is harder for Canadians to buy their first home.

The math on gifting a down payment vs a larger inheritance
Gifting a down payment or leaving a larger inheritance

The math on gifting a 5% down payment or leaving a larger inheritance.

Canadian Manufacturing from 2003 to 2015
Since 2003 Canadian Manufacturing has not Declined

Canada's manufacturing sector has increased since 2003 (if you take Ontario out of the equation).

A broke man is still richer than 20% of Canadians combined
A Homeless Man can have as much Wealth as Poorest 21.4% of Canadians Combined

A stats comparison between the utlra rich, the poor and the broke.

Top 15 Canadian personal finance websites
Top 15 Personal Finance Websites and Blogs

Our own personal list of the top personal finance websites for Canadians.

Tax and RRSP Articles

Learn why and when you should delay your RRSP Deduction
It depends on tax rates, time and the rate of return in your RRSP. Delaying one year could net a 83.6% return!

The best time to buy RRSP's could be when you are on EI
If you earned more than $63,500 this year and collected EI, then this could be the best year to make your RRSP contributions.

How to Save 6.2% and Still Put 10% of Your Salary into RRSP Contributions
It's simple to do, and the math checks.  Sticking with a 6.2% savings rate will get you to a 10% contribution rate within a few years.

Six Basic Tax Tips for Home Businesses in Canada
Six basic tax tips for home businesses that will make your tax preparation more easy and save you thousands of tax dollars as well.

What Income Splitting is Really About
Income splitting among spouses with children was an argument on whether or not you think a couple with kids are considered a team or merely two adults living at the same address

The Credit Card Nerd GIS Maneuver
Learn how a low income senior can net $4,500 in less than a year by taking advantage of the GIS and the claw back rules.  An absolute must read if you are over 65 and haven't collected your pension yet!

Why the TFSA is Better for Lower Income Canadians
Learn why the TFSA is better than RRSP for low income Canadians.

Politics and News

The Expected Value of Tim Horton's Roll Up the Rim to Win®
Find out what the expected value is for a Tim Horton's Roll Up The Rim To Win® Cup.

Canada should change the Carbon Tax into a Carbon Import Tax
Carbon taxing your own industries while not taxing imports, makes no sense.

Canadian Annuity and Savings Plan (CASP) our answer to the ORPP
I don't agree with most of Kathleen Wynne and her party's policies, but at least she is trying to set up an alternative retirement plan.

Should you worry about Canada's Bail-in Bank Law
Learn if your bank account is safer or less safe if your bank is deemed non-viable with the Bail-in law.

The Canadian savings rate has not declined we are just getting ripped off
Find out why it is so hard to save today and why it was so easy to save for retirement in the past.

How Much Should the CPP be Paying You When You Retire
If you are 36 or younger, you could be getting a CPP payment that should be 47% to 89% more if not for the ongoing legacy costs.

Why $10,000 was the Wrong Limit for the TFSA
Learn why we think that $8,150 would have been a much better number and why the new government wouldn't have cut it

Why the Debt to Income Ratio is not a Problem in Canada
Learn why the debt to income ratio is not a problem in Canada and why the debt to assets ratio and the income to interest paid ratio is more important

Which Countries Owns a Piece of the Oil Sands?
A barrel by barrel comparison on the ownership percentage of the oil sands operations currently in Canada. Spoiler: The Netherlands own more than the Chinese.

Race to the Top Tax Bracket for Minimum Wage Employees
Find out which province will be the first province to have minimum wage employees in the top tax brackets

The Value of a CO-OP's® Fuel To Win Ticket
Find out the expected value of CO-OP's® Fuel to Win ticket. The expected value is between $0.18 and $0.28 and the lottery value is as much as $0.62 a ticket.

Bank Fees vs Cashback Credit Cards
Learn if it is better to pay in cash, debit or credit.

Debt and Savings Articles

How much can you save by Cutting the Cord?
Find out just how much your cable package could be costing you in the long term.

Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway vs Interest on a Credit Card
A comparison in buying Berkshire Hathaway when Warren Buffet first bought shares in the 60's vs the standard interest rate on most Credit Cards

Credit Card Debt vs IPO of Today's Multi-Billionaires
Even billionaires have a hard time compounding their wealth quicker than the rate that a credit card balance will hold you back.

What are the Short and Long-term costs of Smoking?
A one month to 66 year review on the financial cost of smoking.  Spoiler:  You may end up paying the equivalent of an extra house.

The compounding cost of a $1 of Credit Card Debt
Learn how quickly a $1 will compound at the standard rate for most credit cards.  Find out how long before you could have bought a car, a house and a yacht

The Cost of Only Making the Minimum Payment
Learn how many years if not decades it will take to pay down your credit card balance while only making the minimum payment

Investment Articles

Look What happens to the Top Investments of our Time if you subtract a 2.5% MER fee
You could have left as much as $21,000,000 on a $1,000 investment if you were paying a 2.5% MER fee.

8 Reasons Why HCG is not going to $0
Find out why we don't think the shorts can sink HCG.

What to Expect from Canada's Cannabis Stocks?
Find out how big Canada's Cannabis Stocks can get.

Time, Rate of Return and Present Value of your Portfolio to make it to $1,000,000
What time period, rate of return, your investment expenses, your current portfolio value is needed to have a $1,000,000 nest egg.

Canadian Stock Watch List during a Correction
A list of the top Canadian stocks to watch if the Canadian marker gets a crash or major correction.

Ten Predictions for 2017 and Beyond
Read our predictions to see why 2017 could be one of the best years for the stock market.

Real Estate Articles

Buying a Condo in Downtown Toronto vs Outside the City
A 35 year review on the expenses, cash flow and lifestyle differences in buying downtown or buying outside the city.

Canadian Mortgage Calculator
A detail calculator with many different variables to choose from including interest rates from the top mortgage providers in Canada.

After Tax Provincial Mortgage Rate Comparison
The GIC rate needed to pay for a mortgage with a 2.59% interest rate in your province and in your tax bracket. Spoiler alert it can be as high as 6.3%.

Long term review on Buying a Rental House
A 35+ year review on the expenses, cash flow and appreciation on a rental home

Canadian Mortgage Rate Comparison
A list of the best 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5+ year fixed and variable mortgage rates in Canada from banks, lenders and brokers

Mortgage Payment Cheat Sheet
A simple chart that lets you calculate your mortgage payment on any house within seconds

Your Mortgage is not a Real Estate Asset
Why making extra payments on your mortgage doesn't make you more concentrated in real estate assets.

Canadian Residential REIT Comparison
Learn and compare the biggest residential REITs in Canada.