Warren Buffet
Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway vs Interest on a Credit Card

A comparison in buying Berkshire Hathaway when Warren Buffet first bought shares in the 60's vs the standard interest rate on most Credit Cards

Debt to Income and Debt to Interest Ratio
Why the Debt to Income Ratio is not a Problem in Canada

Learn why the debt to income ratio is not a problem in Canada and why the debt to assets ratio and the income to interest paid ratio is more important

Warren Buffet
Credit Card Debt vs IPO of Today's Multi-Billionaires

Even billionaires have a hard time compounding their wealth quicker than the rate that a credit card balance will hold you back.

Cost of making the minimum payment
The Cost of Only Making the Minimum Payment

Learn how many years if not decades it will take to pay down your credit card balance while only making the minimum payment

After Tax Provincial Mortgage Rate
After Tax Provincial Mortgage Rate Comparison

The GIC rate needed to pay for a mortgage with a 2.59% interest rate in your province and in your tax bracket. Spoiler alert it can be as high as 6.3%.

Cost of leaving a $1 on your credit card balance
The compounding cost of a $1 of Credit Card Debt

Learn how quickly a $1 will compound at the standard rate for most credit cards.  Find out how long before you could have bought a car, a house and a yacht

Your Mortgage is not a Real Estate Asset
Your Mortgage is not a Real Estate Asset

Why making extra payments on your mortgage doesn't make you more concentrated in real estate assets.