Best Student Credit Cards in Canada

Credit Card
Annual Fee
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Why This Credit Card?



cash advance
  • No Annual Fee!
  • Great way to build and repair your credit!
  • Home Trust reports your file to the credit bureau on a monthly basis.
  • Deposit is insured by CDIC!
  • Credit limit is matched dollar for dollar on your deposit.
  • $500 minimum deposit.
  • $10,000 maximum credit limit!
  • Virtually everyone is approved
  • 19.99% interest rate

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The advantages and disadvantages of a student credit card

The biggest advantage of a student credit card is that they are a great way to start your credit.  There is no disadvantage of having a student credit card if you have little to no credit, but if you already have a history of reliable credit, then you could apply for a credit card with better rewards instead.

Who should apply for student credit card?

Anybody that has little to no credit and wants to start a history on responsible credit.

Who shouldn't apply for a student credit card?

Someone that already has good credit shouldn't apply for a student card.  There are much better credit cards with travel rewards and cashback for people with a good credit history.

FAQ on Student Credit Cards

Are student credit cards and secured credit cards the same?
No, well maybe.  After filling out an application there is a chance that you will be required to put up a small deposit on your student card if you have no credit history and can't provide enough proof of income.

How does a student card help my credit score?
A student credit card is just like any other card.  Your credit utilization, your payment history and your credit limit will be reported to the major credit bureaus.

Do student credit cards charge you interest?
Yes.  You are not going to get a break just because you are a student or have limited credit.  You should always pay your credit card balance in full otherwise you could fall into the credit card debt trap.

I have been using a secured credit card for a while now, should I apply for a student credit card and cancel my secured card?
Yes, today's student cards are a good step up from a secured credit card.  Some of the best student credit cards are just as good as some of the better reward cards from a decade ago.