Turn a 6.2% Saving Rate into a 10% contribution Rate
How to Save 6.2% and Still Put 10% of Your Salary into RRSP Contributions

It's simple to do, and the math checks.  Sticking with a 6.2% savings rate will get you to a 10% contribution rate within a few years.

Medical Tax Savings
Turning medical expenses into a business expense in Canada

How to turn medical expenses into a business expense using a PHSP for the self-employed in Canada.

When you should delay your RRSP Deduction
Learn why and when you should delay your RRSP Deduction

It depends on tax rates, time and the rate of return in your RRSP. Delaying one year could net a 83.6% return!

Avoid EI Claw back

The best time to buy RRSP's could be when you are on EI

If you earned more than $63,500 this year and collected EI, then this could be the best year to make your RRSP contributions.

carbon taxes
Canada should change the Carbon Tax into a Carbon Import Tax

Carbon taxing your own industries while not taxing imports, makes no sense.

Income Tax Splitting
What Income Splitting is Really About

Income splitting among spouses with children was an argument on whether or not you think a couple with kids are considered a team or merely two adults living at the same address

CGM math for Canadians
The Credit Card Nerd GIS Maneuver

Learn how a low income senior can net $4,500 in less than a year by taking advantage of the GIS and the claw back rules.  An absolute must read if you are over 65 and haven't collected your pension yet!

Race to the top tax bracket for minimum wage employees
Race to the Top Tax Bracket for Minimum Wage Employees

Find out which province will be the first province to have minimum wage employees in the top tax brackets